I am  pleased to launch a
national campaign to honor grief.

Oaktags memorial pins were originaly created to identify immediate family members during gatherings for funerals and memorial services.
But, families kept wearing them after the funeral, to hold their loved one close.
Now, they are tools we all can use to destigmatize the conversation about
those who are no longer here.

When you see someone wearing this simple oak leaf, go ahead and ask,
"Who is your leaf?"
You offer them permission to say
their loved one's name; sometimes, for
the first time since the funeral.

Some leaves wither
and fly away,

Others rip off
in a storm.

This leaf rests
upon my heart,

To keep
your memory warm.

Pins can be personalized
at the time of service,

                                to indicate a cause...

                                                                                                                          a relationship ...
                                                                                                                                                                           or simply identify next-of-kin.

For more information on how to order or use Oaktags memorial pins, please contact me.